28 December 2010

Cristina Anghel between the most attractive people in private parties!

Cristina Anghel, the "official" lover of Alex Geoana (source Click newspaper), boy of the president of romanian Social-Democratic Party, you will see when she stare to you with a smile you can simply say she's a good looking lady.

Cristina Anghel photo by Carmen-Iulia Avram

"A new appereance between the romanian celebrities and she's on her way for succes" as said Bogdan on the ModapeStrada blog on the 13th of december 2010 after Cristina was captured in a photo at Cosmina Englizian fashion show.

So ladies, be aware of the seductive power of the new feminine presences!


  1. i love her dress and smiling!!

  2. She looks simply amazing!I love her style and her face!

  3. She's Andrei Videanu's girlfriend.

    But all in all, yes, she's beautiful and her style can be astonishing

  4. where can i find more pictures of Cristina?Do you have more pictures with her and her dressing style?I really like her for who she is not for who's girlfriend she is.Very beautiful, natural girl!Hope you will answer my questions or at least post more pictures.

    Thank you very much,

  5. Thanks for following ModapeStrada!