31 December 2011

Back in 2011

Here is the review of our work:

Top brilliant photos of 2011
We've choosed the photos that have attractive colours, with expressive faces, and transmit subtle and genuine emotion to the viewers. Enjoy!

1. Ana, in Brasov - Link

2. Alina, in Brasov - Link

3. Smaranda in Bucharest - Link

Top most rated photos of 2011
This photos we've considered our best, we've loved the people from the photos, the place we've found them and the feedback received.The atmostphere created and the amusement of the moment brought the succes of the photos.From Moda pe strada with love!

1.The protagonist of this succesful photo is Laura, in Piata Unirii, Bucharest- Link

2.Ana, in Piata Sfatului, Brasov- Link

2.Ana Calea Victoriei, Bucharest - Link

3. Representation of  Masca Teather Piata Unirii Subway Bucharest -Link
Top perfectly stylish women of 2011

It's a joy to the viewers and you take comfort in their presence.They are real women, they are strong, though misterious and so attractive to men.Fancy this!

1.The strongest woman Ellie White romanian singer (left)- Link

2.German piano performer Masha Korf -Link

3.Emilia din Brasov- Link

3.Luize Bagdan -Link
  Top charming and good looking men of 2011

Are men you wish to take them home: athletic, handsome, succesful,close care to every detail. Delight yourself with those goodies!

1.The man many women could die for: Radu Mazare, mayor of Constanta city - Link

2. Tarkan Radu , model of Bucharest Fashion Week winter evenings - Link

3. Wayne actor and TV presenter,  NHJ stylished in London - Link
The best photos scene of 2011
The photo standing as the best photo scene is the photo with the strongest impact, striking us ith the world build around this, is a photo as we like to call a "good business". Enjoyin  the photo of the Year!

Gabriela Atanasov hanging in the air without any strings in Piata Romana - Link

Pussy in boots signature of 2011

Impressed by the succes it has the well-known movie "Puss in boots" with Shelma Hayek as actress voice, we've considered to promote the ideea of walking as a cat with the finest shoes similar to a woman making her way into the world confident on her beauty and taking the luck of being a woman on her side.
This title is given to a seductive model, with an inspiring attitude, being unique, desirable of men.Thank you, Gabriela Atanasov! Cherish those moments! 

Best Female Model : Gabriela Atanasov- Link

14 December 2011

When stars meet styles. It rocks!

For Corina we've choosed the russian princess style, an edgy outfit. The corset made her russian and the fur hat made her a perfect princess. 
We've styled Ovidiu in a festive or holiday  look, dressing by the country chic men style. Our festive moment was at Shades of Christmas when meeting different designers and drinking a glass of wine. He looked great by the well tailored jacket. The moment increased in intensity by his charming spirit.
You can still find a perfect present for the one you love, until the 23th of december at Shades Beauty Lounge Saloon.

Corina Jurja
Age: 28
Job: model, Tv presenter, dancer, PR

Ovidiu Huminiuc
Age: 32
Job: Tv presenter, dancer, art producer

Style by: Andrei and Carmen Avram
Photo by: Carmen Avram
Wardrobe: Corina and Ovidiu
Hair and makeup: Corina and Ovidiu
Date: 11.12.2011, Bucharest

Thanks for the support: Shades Beauty Lounge.
And remember: "Clothes can make you famous in your everyday life" and it's all up to you!

08 December 2011

BFW la sfarsit de an 2011 >Din culisele persoanelor preocupate de fashion

"Trebuie sa apreciez si eu frumosul!" E greu de spus cata aplicabilitate au aceste vorbe in Romania dar mai bine sa-i vedem pe cei preocupati de frumos prezenti la showul care l-a avut si in acest an ca protagonist pe designerul Catalin Botezatu care a fost desemnat "designerul anului 2011". Asteptam comentarii la noul articol!

Foto: Carmen-Iulia Avram 1-3.12.2011, orele 20-23, World Trade Center, Bucharest Fashion Week, Bucuresti

 Designerul italian Nino Lettieri, creatiile lui au fost prezentate pe podiumul Bucharest Fashion Week in cea de-a doua seara de festival.

  Tinuta Ego Men's Fashion Concept prezentatorul Claudiu Constantin BFW 2011.

Creatiile din colectia Bollywood a designerului Sushma Patel au fost prezentate pe podiumul BFW 2011 in cea de-a doua seara. Ea poarta o tinuta cu care a mers in India la nunta.

 Claudia Neghina imaginea BFW 2011 prezenta de nenumarate ori pe podium, mereu cu zambetul pe buze. Poarta o rochie design Ana Radu.

 Creatiile celui mai in voga designer libanez Walid Atallah, purtata de Mateescu Alexandra,ea a facut parte si din organizarea evenimentului.

 Top model Romania numarul: Cristina Naghi

Energy Drink Top Model: Alexandra Mariuca

 Catwalk Top Model: Alexandra Voinea

 Diamant's Top Model: Dana Prisoschi

premiul Photomodel BFW 2011: Patricia Chirigiu

Mult iubitul in lumea modei, Radu Mazare, a inmanat premiul cel mai bun designer al anului 2011: pentru Catalin Botezatu.
 Rochii de mireasa designerul libanez Walid Atallah.

Vanessa model, Agentia de moda Transilvania Fashion.

 Dezbracatu de la Cronica Carcotasilor.

 Diana Chiri

Mateescu Alexandra

Urmatorii au primit premiile Romanian Fashion Awards :

 Bacanu Viorel

 Marius Usturoiu

 Roxana Iliescu rochie atelier Deea Buzdugan.

model Cotarcea Andreea

 Raluca Pavaloi, model promovat de ModapeStrada in luna septembrie 2011: link articol

 Tarkan Radu, modelul serilor Bucharest Fashion Week

Alex Sirbu

Soare Stefan, fotograful Stilmasculin.ro Poarta pantalon Stefanel, sacou si pantofi Zara, curea Celio.

 Ana Maria Roman

Bianca Taban plic si pantofi Mihai Albu, rochie si jacheta Mango.

Carmen Ahira si Simina Ana Maria

 Cris Mercioniu

 Roxana Anton rochie Nissa, pantofi Jimmy Choo.

Vlad Grecu

 Constin-Constantin Dragomir Outlet Farduri.ro.

 Milena Merliu

Romica Tociu

 Sorin Marcus

Dorel Pop