28 February 2011

Luna martisorului: femeile in centrul atentiei

Femeile: de ce le iubim atat? Nu stim dar cand intorc unui favor cu un zambet asta-i tot ce conteaza!Adopta un stil simplu si stralucesc la inceput de primavara.

Foto: Carmen-Iulia Avram, 26.02.2011, ora 13, Bucuresti, Piata Unirii

Maria si-a construit tinuta feminina de la rochia alba cu umeri inalti Mango pe care o poarta. Citeste cu drag reviste precum: Elle Spania, Elle Italia, Elle Bulgaria, Elle Romania.

Ana a inceput sa isi construiasca tinuta de la cizmele ei din elastomer. Prefera sa citeasca revistele de moda precum Velvet, Vogue, Elle Portugalia, Elle Franta, Elle Romania.

Musicalul Gigi Amoroso la Teatrul Masca

Cadoul potrivit pentru o seara de primavara: o seara de teatru cu Masca. Artistii va vor descreti fruntile si va vor pune un zambet pe buze.

Foto: Carmen-Iulia Avram, 26.02.2011, ora 12, Bucuresti, Piata Unirii

07 February 2011

Kristina on her way of becoming Stylist

Kristina Rittner

Q: Who are you?

KristnaR: Kristna Rittner: I'm a girl 22 years old from Croatia, actually 23 in two weeks :), practicing my skills to become a good Personal Stylist. I'm a traveler at heart, therefore I reside in Croatia and the UK. I have my own knowledge in styling, though I am not certified in Personal Styling yet.

Q: How do you manage to attract attention over your work?

KristnaR: Very simple. I dress. Style talks. People comment.

Q: How do you find your clients?

KristnaR: Easily. It all comes down to how many people you know. How many people do your people know and how soon you'll have a pack of people hungry for style.

Q: Why did you choose to be an Personal Stylist?

KristnaR: I didn't quite choose it. I like to think it chosed me. I've always been the one to dress a certain way and attract attention. Stylish or not I've been myself and I guess that was a plus.

Q: Which brands do you recommend?

KristnaR: Personally I tend to follow my own brand but some of my favorite designers are: Badgley Mischka, Balenciaga, Balmain, Givenchy, Burberry, Cacharel, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Tom Ford, Chloé, Mulberry , Jean-Paul Gaultier, Frida Giannini,  John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood,  Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, John Richmond, Moschino, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Kenzo Takada, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor & Rolf, Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin.

Q: From where you take the inspiration to dress the others?

KristnaR: Honestly, I just look at a person, take a glimpse at the clothes and do my magic. Accesories help.

Q: Which kind of problems face your clients when they wish to dress?

KristnaR: They often pick the wrong colors and materials. Even the wrong size is a major minus.

Q: What you prefere to dress man or women?

KristnaR: Well, men are easier to dress, especially if it's a "suit" situation, yet they too tend to be a bit sceptic when it comes to dressing in style. That's when I step in.On the other hand, dressing girls is a lot of fun. We got all kinds of things to spice up our style and make it a whole lot of personal. So I guess I like to dress girls more. Men don't wear heels and sunflower dresses... which by the way make all the difference.

Interview made by ModapeStrada in february.2011.


Now, for you girls how do we realise if we entered in a dressing routine?

05 February 2011

Roberto Rotophotographer speaking about his work, collaboration with stylits, but more is on his website

We spoke with Roberto, from Rotophotography, a photographer from Prato, Italy to hear that indeed was good to colaborate with stylists.

Q: I know for your editorials you collaborated with different stylists as: Mirella Siletto - Linda M, Deborah Gattuso & Simone Paraticoin in the albums Winter Marine Blues, The Gate and Fidelio. Where was your work published?

Roto: I did editorials for Maxim - Alufem - Fitness Magazine - Boss - Oltre - DL Deluxe and many sport magazine, none of them include collaborations with the stylists you mentioned.

Q: How did the stylists help you build a creative team to make your images as artistic as possible?

Roto: The importance of the right stylist is crucial in the success of a shooting. When I start to build up a project I always try to figure out who is the right stylist for that particular assignment.

Q: You have to bring tension to your photos. Which elements help you?

Roto: For me that's all about the right mood you need and want in a particular set. I like when all the team do their homeworks for that particular project, ie studing the moodboard.
When I shoot I don't really like to be much directive, I prefer to let the models to express theirselves into the lines of the mood of the project.

Q: You could capture the emotionally expression of the woman.But what about the men, what feelings they should share with us?

Roto: I don't feel to work with male models any different than with female models.

Interview made by ModapeStrada in february.2011

Why do you think photos like Roberto made of women with attitude and well dressed attract us to watch them?

02 February 2011

Get a stylish modern look! What's missing to make things look good on you?

Send us your photo and we'll guide you which aspect of your outfit to change to improve your look. Link here for details.

Raluca C., age: 21, height: 1.70 m, job: student, outfit budget: 175 Eur, september.2010, Bucharest, day time casual outfit.

Personal Stylist advice: add one jacket, change the top, too many accesories.

What do you think Raluca needs to change/add to her outfit for looking stylish? Send your comments below.

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