02 April 2011

Sweet Paprika woman devoted to fashion

Gabriela Atanasov

Style by: Andrei Avram and Carmen Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
Wardrobe: Gabriela Atanasov
Date: 26.03.2011, Bucharest


Q: So many impressive photos you have, since when your passion for fashion & beauty?

SweetPaprika: Since always J. I don’t really remember when I started to care so much about fashion, but I’m sure that I’ve always been in love with beauty also I think that my painting classes that I took for years helped me a lot to develop my esthetic  eye.  I also have to admit that I owe this to my mother because she always was very concerned about the details and the good taste so she influenced me a lot in developing a classy and feminine look.  Also I had a shopaholic grandmother  which  infected me with this sweet disease and a father that helped me to built many of my looks correctly because he is an architecture. So I was raised in this passion for fashion.

Q: What you can tell for the women that don't know too much about fashion and what is your vision about fashion?

SweetPaprika: Many people don’t care too much about how they look, not only women, of course in their case this is sadder  because so far I know  they represent the beautiful sex in our culture and society.  For me life is too short, to make it ugly and  boring  so I try to have a different look and attitude every day. I think that fashion and style is a very good way to tell  people who you really are without saying a word  so definetly my advice to women that don’t  know too much about fashion and don’t really care about how they look or smell  is too start reading and learning about it because  as Coco Chanel once said “A girl that doesn’t wear perfume has no future”!   And try to take into consideration that “In order to be irreaplaceble, one must always be different.”

Q: In which way helped you look good and take care of how you dress?

SweetPaprika: I believe that a dress can change your life. And as I said the way you dress tells a lot about your personality, I had a lot to win in my life until now because of this attitude. I won friendships, lovers, fashion and beauty  contests, photoshootings, admiration, even this interview is a proof of the opportunities I get because I care about how I look and dress. Moreover this is my constant source of joy  and happiness.

Q: You have all the attributes for being the perfect woman. How it looks the man of your dreams?

SweetPaprika: I  am not a perfect woman I don’t  even think there exists perfection,  but if there is such a person somewhere in this world I think that he/ she is very bored as they don’t have a change to fight for, to desire for, an update to make,   their entire life has to be very boring. So I like think about me like a special person  that is just like all the other 6 billions, unique.  In what regards the man of my dreams … well when I was 10 it looked like  Enrique Iglesias or one of the BackstreetBoys … than I fell in love with Johnny Depp and I can’t get cured J. But besided this dreams, I have a three year old love with a person who loves me  and that is very loved in return, we built a very beautiful story together and I consider him right now the man of my dreams, I mean that if he would ask me to marry him tomorrow I would accept( only if tomorrow means that I am 25 J). He also is guilty  for many of my photos as he is a photographer and he has also a certain amount of passion for fashion.

Q: What advice you give the others to make this world a better place?

SweetPaprika: Well considering the events  happening all around the world at this moment  my only advice can be  Make Love  and Peace Not War, Seek for the beauty, Buy a new  beautiful Dress  or  a pair of Highheels,  Dance like no one is watching you, Feel more and Think less, Watch a Sunset, Smile to a Child, Listen, Sing, Have a Beer, Laugh, Eat a Chocolate and definetly your world will become a better place because you’re going to feel fabulous living in it.

More pictures here. Interview made by ModapeStrada in march.2011.