06 July 2011

Just London, place where style is part of everyday life

We went to London for a week in june. Carmen did the Mens Personal Styling Course at NHJStyle Academy in London.
Londoners, people that are willing to see the best you can give, with no time for those that don't have something to say, busy with making nature their friend, hungry for beauty and of course, with memorizing styles that can take an easy place in their everyday lives.

We wish with this occasion a succesful styling trip for those amazing women, that have a great personality and were gifted to dress others with style: Penny, Annie, Claire, Camila. With certain respect for our head trainer, Isobel Kershaw, that knows so well to make herself loved and understood.

During the styling class we, the girls, had to dress in real time Adam and Wayne. The measurements of 2 mens in inches (UK sizes) are: 
chest 48
waist 36
collar 19
Job: Senior manager in London
chest 39
waist 32
collar 16 1/2
Job: actor and TV presenter

We had to dress them both formal and casual. The budget for formal outfit was around 650 pounds and for casual 350 pounds.
Look below how it all went:

Photo: Carmen-Iulia Avram, 22-24.06.2011, Adam Street, London




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