22 July 2011

"Worth it reading" < Just arrived >

There are books that make you feel like has worthed reading them.

The "Top to toe" < the ultimate guide to becoming who you want to be > a book By Nicky Hambleton Jones Presenter of 10 years younger is one of them.

So from now on, when you'll see the heading "Worth it reading" you'll know that there are 5 things from the book that are very inspiring and I wish you to know them.

1. Any "transformational project"- whether you change your body shape or your career - has to be packed with fun and passion. The excitement of finding a new you is bigger that any obstacles you could find on your way.

2. A vital question that has to follow your motions towards change is the "What if?" question. As this question it rises your spirits, when all your weapons are down and suddenly your self-esteem is improved, this question brings to your memories what you mostly love and not finally it opens your heart to new opportunities.

3. Remember that diets don't work! So look what is the advice Nicky's giving you to help you on the way:"recognizing your body shape" will help you dress and exercising to emphasize your best points and minimize your worst.

4. "How many women really stand out? Do you?" This book makes you wish be a feminine and attractive women!

5. If, in the morning, you feel your clothes say negative messages about who you are: you're single, too fat, too thin, you've got nothing to wear , get rid of these clothes and start to spend your money only on clothes that make you "feel sexy and confident".
Nicky Hambleton Jones is the one that makes you feel you're speaking with your best friend so keep her close!

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