22 August 2011

Raluca Pavaloi, a modern girl for whom the "Luck in Fashion has arrived"

Raluca Pavaloi

Style by: Andrei Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
Wardrobe: ASOS
Date: 06.08.2011, Bucharest


Q: How it feels like having 22 years old and how did the style chosen by our stylist, Andrei Avram suits your personality? What you think was the first impression you created in the people's mind who saw you walking on the streets, have you felt as a woman with good taste and plenty of attitude?

Raluca P: In this moment of my life I feel like everything is changing in my life, and everything is possible. The fact that I have participated in this photo shooting, made me feel more confident and, definitely, helped me with my future style. While taking the photos people were looking at me very interested in what I represent, and I have noticed that persons with 30-40 years were very pleased to see me dressed like that.

Q: Which of the following atributtes characterize you (confident, attractive, happier) knowing you wear the "right" clothes?

Raluca P: Of course I would feel more confident and more satisfied with myself if the clothes I am wearing are perfect for me. When I feel like being “well” dressed, I have that confidence that gives you the feeling that you can do everything very good.

Q: Choose an accesorize (purse, ring, brooch) that complete the outfits you worn and tell us why you think it was right chosen?

The little beige clutch was my favorite accessory because it was very fashionable, and it was that “something” that made my outfit complete and perfect. It was correctly chosen because it had a color that matched perfectly with the outfit and with my skin tone.

Q: Which piece of clothing from the outfits you dressed you felt it is the most useful and which one the most beautiful?

Raluca P: The most useful piece is the dark blue blazer jacket, because it can be easily mixed with more different dresses, jeans or skirts. And the most beautiful piece was the pink little dress.It is my favourite because it represents me the most.

Q: You were part of different beauty projects and different shootings. How you stay updated with everything that happens in the fashion world, with the newest beauty news and how you find out how to dress properly and which stores suit you to buy your own clothes? Which brands you can reccomend to suit your age and be fashionable?

Raluca P: I have appeared in different romanian magazines ( Bolero, Unica, Joy) with photos, in a photo shooting for medical uniforms, catalogues and in a photo shooting in which I was adviced how to dress properly in my future job and in everyday life Modapestrada. I read about fashion, beauty and style from magazines like Joy, Unica, Glamour, and from the fashion websites and blogspots(eva.ro, modapestrada.blogspot.com, etc). I usually go shopping in Bucharest shops from the internet. I like brands as Atmoshpere, H&M, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Reserved.

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