08 August 2011

Ya Ya Ya Ya, we like you more with the right clothes on

How to wear your clothes this season: The white worn with white is this summer one clothing set. If you feel comfortable choose to wear your shoes without socks and you'll be noticed between friends.

The waistcoat and the denim jacket is something to highlight your outfit this summer. In the first and second picture Adrian is wearing tweed trousers. In the 3'rd picture he's wearing white trousers, brown Hugo Boss watch and blue braces, all to make the white out trend. In the last 3 pictures he's wearring a nice Thierry Mugler black/silver watch. The t-shirt from the last 2 pictures is made by TopMan.

Stefan-Adrian Muresan
age: 24
job: Fashion Model

Style by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
wardrobe: Stefan Adrian Muresan
Date: 03.08.2011, Bucharest

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