10 October 2011

Giulliana Giorgi, a model wrapped up between a great living mood and the proper clothes to go with it!

Giulliana Giorgi

Style by: Andrei Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
Wardrobe: Giulliana Giorgi
Date: 01.10.2011, Bucharest

As a model I took part of romanian and foreign advertisment. I was working for promoting Orange (UK), Sony Ericsson, Mc Donald's, Carrefour, Shapes biscuites (for arabic countries). I had the chance to participate in the shooting for Vodafone, Lays, Unica magazine and of course it was a pleasure to be part of the photos from ModapeStrada in a spontaneous and close to the heart experience. All the experinces were unique so I was pleased to be part of my life until now.

I would never dress for day on clothes made with sequins or glitter. I avoid to spurce my outfits with things that don't have a certain connection between themselves.

The unexpected combination that stylist Andrei Avram, ModapeStrada, made for me was in the first outfit, the one for the day wear. I never had in my mind to put together the lime bronz jacket with turquoise ballet pumps, but it was nice to find this combination. But I have to say that the outfit for evening wear is the one that represents me, and it makes me feel full of courage and powerfull.

I wish to think that the key element, the icing from the cake, the thing that increase my charm in a party, special occasion is the red lipstick worn with an elegant outfit, it gives me more senzuality too.

What I wear or when I go buying clothes is based on my aesthetic basic instinct. But i love so much and it relaxes me to watch a fashion TV show or to read fashion magazines.

The places I love to go in Bucharest are very close to the season I think about. So, in the summer I go for opened gardens such as Verona or Oar Garden, and in the winter I opt for the teahouses like GreenTea, the teahouse of Act Theater or Serendipity. It's for the bohemian atmosphere you can find here, and of course for the nice memories I've lived there.

Thank you for all, ModapeStrada!

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