10 October 2011

I love the taste of fashion in my life, I wouldn't feel complete otherwise

Giulliana Giorgi
age: 17
job: Fashion Model
measurements bust / waist / hips: 80 / 65 / 85 cm
height: 171 cm
sizes: UK 6, EU 34

Style by: Andrei Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram
wardrobe: Giulliana Giorgi
Date: 01.10.2011, Bucharest

First outfit: a short jacket in beautiful color lime bronz (electric color), a top in neutral color - grey with pleated roses aplique in a heart, ruffle layer chiffon skirt in nude (neutral color too) with printed flowers waist band, turquoise ballet pumps. I finished the outfit with accesories: printed scarf in bright colors, nude clutch bag and a metal engraving bracelet. This outfit is for wearring in daytime, is smart casual.

Second outfit: cropped blazer in black with hot pink lining, a sexy black playsuit with white polka dots (spots from 60's), midnight navy tights, black heeled sandals. I used accesories appropriate for night/evening wear in club, at a party: Head accesorie in 60's mood, necklace pearls and clutch bag.

Please read the whole INTERVIEW MADE BY ModaPeStrada, bellow Giulliana Giorgi, a model wrapped up between a great living mood and the proper clothes to go with it!, to find out more about Giulliana's personality.

And remember: "Clothes can make you famous in your everyday life" and it's all up to you!


  1. love!!!


  2. Thanks Julay, we are a great team and our job is to dress people good to inspire you. These 2 outfits makes Giulia looks fantastic! Andrei A.