29 April 2012

Goods to me, so much

Just planning your show up as a wedding guest? As for any ceremony you participate you start to care about your looks.For the stylists and for the designers is still opened.What is your quality kind of things that help you rock the scene, looking so feminine and that makes you feel so good when wearing them?

Here's our proposal:





Model: Teodora Glodan
Designers: Vestimentatie Denis Predescu, Coup de Foudre
Music by: Dj Donc
Style by: Andrei Avram and Carmen Avram
Photo by: Carmen Avram

1. First outfit:Vestimentatie Denis Predescu: Theatral Pink Dress 140 euro
Coup de Foudre Navy Floral Accesories 21 euro

2. Second outfit:Vestimentatie Denis Predescu:Flamenco Purple Dress 95 euro
Coup de Foudre Black Rock Accesories 21 euro

11 April 2012

Keen for Olimpics?

Model: Chris Agnew - painter
Style by: Andrei and Carmen-Iulia Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram

History and tradition is always wellcomed to a great sport competition,this year Olimpics will take place in London, for an Irish inspiration costume,take a solid look to the first outfit. When a man mixes patterns has to look relaxed, as staying on the shores of some sea, seek the second outfit.This season you will love dreesing as a sport celebrity style, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins,find it on the last outfit.

Thanks for the romantique pieces of interior design and furniture to chambresdor.co.uk and for our guest the studio of Chambres D'or!

07 April 2012

Pink Pepper Indian Shakes


Model: Cristina Stoian
Style by: Andrei Avram
Photo by: Carmen-Iulia Avram

Inspired by the colours of an indian sunset. A mix of mango fruit colours, Bolywood music ,trees, a place where the smels and taste speak of love.

Thank you our guesst Fantasia club - str. Caragea Voda nr. 12.