28 December 2012

Deligtful Gifts for YOU

What you should wear as winter holidays outfits?
We thought how would feel a butterfly on a sledging SLOPE. Between the evergreen of Cristmas tress, with white snow on HER body, it's like being under a spell, the womanbutterfly knowing TRUE freedom is having wings. Enjoy the first (1) outfit:
On winter holiday what will excite you more than a sexy present for YOU? So we've decided to capture the seductive attitude of woman in a BOX. So how it feels to be a gift with nice LIPS and with creamy pumpkin pie smoothie skin! Hmm, so yummy, look for the second (2) outfit:
And when all the outfits in winter are FLAT, you must come with something more exciting! For us was okay something simple but contrasting: the black & red OUTFIT. The mistery rose around this moment  when  our woman started to look as a russian girl in the freezing air of M... Bucharest! And who can be more graceful and powerful than that? (3)

Butterfly Tee with red wings, 21 Euro, Silvia Serban | Shoes in black, 48 euro, Atelier Aiurea | Heart shape Earrings swarovski elements , 7 Euro, Zelia Accesorii.

Bowtie in golden, Larisa Dragna | Platform Shoes in ivory, 27 euro, Atelier Aiurea |  Pearl shape Earrings swarovski elements , 7 Euro, Zelia Accesorii.

Tulle Skirt in black, 148 Euro, Silvia Serban | Sheer top in black, 114 euro, Silvia Serban | Snood in red, 114 Euro, Silvia Serban | Butterfly shape earrings swarovski elements in golden , 7 Euro, Zelia Accesorii | Black Wedges, model wardrobe.

Designer: Silvia Serban, O-Pose, Larisa Dragna (Idelier); Atelier Aiurea Shop
Model: Sorina Ana
Make-up and Hair: Andreea Fugaru
Style by: Andrei Avram and Carmen Avram
Photo by: Carmen Avram

Thanks to:
Photographer Florentin Tufa


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