02 January 2013

Valuable times in 2012!

1. Best Photograph of the Year 
We've chosen 3 photos. You choose from those which one is closer with what you think!
We've captured the beauty of our models: Maria Stefan, Teodora Glodan and Sorina Ana. Being 3D photos you can see very easy the BEAUTIFUL designer's pieces: Lachatterie, Denis Predescu, Coup de Foudre, Silvia Serban and O-Pose. Strong impressions are created by the good styling and make-up, the theme chosen and by using special effects to capture GREAT moments.
We LOVE those photos!

 See full article Rock KICK
 See full article So much GOODS
See full article GIFTS for you
2. Best female model
There was a struggle for choosing and the Winner is: Veronica Turtureanu.
 A cool and brave girl, perfect for a MAGAZINE cover. She is already given credits to become a good fashion model. Veronica is well shaped and has done a clean work, determined to break through and run big.
See full article Bloody KISSES

3. Best male model
Andrei Dombrovschi
He BRINGS tension into the photos, with perfect phisical features and it's fun to have him arround when actually he's working. So good luck, Andrei!
See full article Come on YOUNG Chameleon

4. Most stylish women
CALL them "Look of the Day". They are wearing a clothing combination that rise the ENVY of any women. Considering this, see our favourite stylish women:

1. Bianca Taban model See article Digital Fashion Experience
2. Andreea Perju prezentatoare Antena 1 See article Avanpremiere 10

3. Dj Wanda artista See article Dress to impress
5. Most stylish Men
So let's see great style, INNOVATIVE and also ELEGANT. Simply the best men we've seen this year, and the most unpredictable but always SMART.
1. Eduard Daniel, fashion designer in UK See article Fantastica esti TU

2. Florin Dobre, romanian fashion designer Avapremiere 10

3. Tarkan Radu model BFW backstage

6. Photos to remember
We've captured those photos occasionaly at events or on the streets, but they deserve to be again mentioned on the blog.
I was your inspiration in the back of the camera to celebrate and keep in mind an important or sweet moment. Thank you ALL!

 Ungureanu Stefan visual artist, George Anghelescu visual artist, Tartan and Mihu  See article Digital Fashion Experience

Maria, model. See article Expomariage

7. Most popular photo of the year:

Maria Vigheciu (left) is a model and she has promoted our photo made in the backstage of  BFW and has the greatest value of votes on Internet. Thank you, Maria! See article BFW backstage

**** Happy new year: 2013! ****

We wait for your wishes on the New Year or any comment about the men and women that appear on our annual REVIEW.You can write here on the article page or on Moda pe strada Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/modapestrada


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