31 March 2013

Aware on the Vanessa Paradis Style

When combining classics unique pieces and accesories, and watching the latest trends for spring-summer 2013, you gonna look more likely of one of your favorite artists: VANESSA PARADIS.

Everyone wears H&M, so when VANESSA PARADIS became the new face of H&M's Conscious collection, she became a muse for all fashionistas around the world.
See some of  her outfits during the time and find the PERFECT trend for you! Don't forget that colors and non-color can speak about you,care about the subtle details, mix and match retro and modern styles and shine!

Here are few of the TRENDS for spring-summer 2013:

Goddess Metallics Trend
The shine for spring/summer is the Metallic Silver and Gold shine. Note that a metallic shine dress is a statement piece.Take your dress to the next level with some high heels.
Indian Deluxe Trend
This means relaxed clothing, with many bracelets and chains.

photo: http://the-fashion-desire.blogspot.com

The Reinvented White "Shell" Shirt
You can use your white shirt for work outfits, and if you like you can turn from a day-time outfit into night-time outfit.

photo: http://sorockyhorror.blogspot.com

Chastity vs. Perversion Sheer Trend
If you feel this sheer and leather is for you, to transform in an unaltered you, and when you want to look up incendiary sexy.

photo: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

Military and Orange trend
Choose clothes with a military touch. For this style you can try on a larger size of your favourite piece, or few inches longer.So fight! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

photo: http://petitedov.blogspot.com

What you consider is the hottest outfit for this season?


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