04 July 2013

MAN on a Stellar Parade

Thinking to take some bubbles of fresh air, in the best time to visit Bucharest, early summer. And what helps you stand out from the urban jungle of the city: put an effort to the way you dress up every day.
Eduard Daniel, our friend from UK, is a young fashion designer and he took part in many fashion project. His mission here is simple, without any form of agression or violence, he invites everyone to action, to respect the rules that can built a BEAUTIFUL Bucharest. He would say: "This is our time, to those who are young and full of positive energy, of those who love their city: in this case, it's BUCHAREST!"

STOP and think... If you are sent in space for few years, when you land again in Bucharest will you like what you see? Will govern the poverty or the richness, the wickness or the power? Find your way and express yourself!

Fashion Designer: Eduuard Daniel
Photographer: Carmen Avram
Image Director: Andrei Avram

Those preocuppied with fashion and style are easy to recognise, they try to be unforgetable on their way out. 

Read the new article: Eduard Daniel Portraiture here: http://modapestrada.blogspot.ro/2013/07/youll-see-i-am-seriouseduuard-daniel.html

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