09 July 2013

You'll see I'm serious about this: Eduuard Daniel Portraiture

After some precious moments on the shooting with Eduard Daniel, the londoner fashion designer, we've tried to grab some of his words about fashion&styling to enter more into his world.

"There is no better way to see real fashion than on the streets. The reason I am thinking this way is because, at special events, the outfit is carefully selected in tone with the occasion rather than the owners personality.

I think that fashionable people should and do inspire every single day, and suggest others to be part of the of the show: this is what turns fashion into STYLE. In fact, style is more important; it's more personal and effective.

I think FASHION is something a bit unreal that should only stay on stage. I believe this way, because a lot of fashion icons nowadays became characters. Turning style into fiction, and also very impersonal.

Speaking of me, I consider myself dressed in truth; and by that I mean wearing fashion every day according with my mood and my personality. I consider that styling is a method of self expression, is something so personal.

If you are in trend or dressed to impress, you tend to fail. Anyway, expectations are always high in such a competitive industry and looking "a la book" is not always the best solution."

Fashion Designer: Eduuard Daniel
Photographer: Carmen Avram
Image Director: Andrei Avram
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