20 August 2013

UNLOCK THE KNOTS, to stand firm and steady

What goes well with a sensual, full of surprising woman?

A woman like this, should have a message to say with every tiny gesture, and it's all written in her style. It's like a bottle emerging from the sea with an interesting message encapsuled, see first outfit worn by Noemi. A young body but full with life and cultural experiences.

And why to ask more from life every time you have a chance?
Hard working elevates your LIFE. And if you survive the extreme conditions from the sea of life, at the end, you'll be blessed with noble treasures, see first outfit.

And why staying franc in front of the abyss of time? It's said there's nothing left to be invented, but you can REINVENT yourself! Like a heroine, pay attention of the danger rising from the dark, in second outfit.
The right attitude changes an outfit! See the outfits worn by Noemi and know who YOU are!

1. First outfit is a casual outfit
2. The second outfit is an elegant evening outfit

Spice up any common outfit, either by wearing designer's clothing or bringing the unusual element that allows you to express more. So theatral, READY-TO-WEAR in France outfits!


Silk Dress, 102 Euro, Crepe Black Collar at Band of Creators | Necklace with turquoise pearls, 51 euro, Prochaine | Ring with pink stone, 123 Euro, Alina Simion at Band of Creators.

Black long dress, 195 Euro, Beliv | Statement necklace in silver and bronze, 51 Euro, Prochaine | Hair accessory Rock Wedding in Black, 69 Euro, Fandacsia at Band of Creators | Pink tull bow, 5 Euro, Prochaine | Ivory High Heels, 87 Euros, PassepartouS.

Actress: Noemi Gunea
Stylists: Andrei and Carmen Avram
Photographer: Carmen Avram
Image Director: Andrei Avram

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Hope this article will be a good reason to come back and read the second article about Noemi Gunea that will make you change the way you think about Art, Fashion and Style: http://www.modapestrada.blogspot.ro/2013/09/mademoiselle-gunea.html

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