02 September 2013

Mademoiselle Gunea

Everything is never, never enough:
Noemi Gunea is a young romanian actress. She's living in Paris.
She has studied at Bucharest and Paris for the University of Film& Theater, and she has played in the film "Beyond the hills" of Cristian Mungiu. Few of her passions are playing to piano, dancing and skating. Hope you'll find the treasures of her words and actions, see bellow:
"My knowledge of fashion is frugal to say at least, so I have to mention I’m not pretending to have any legitimacy to talk about it. I am a great amateur of clothes, and, though I spend half of my time in overused sportswear and with messy hair, I love dressing up. In Bucharest I was stupidly reticent towards second hand shops, and when I had the money I’d order online from British or American vintage-inspired shops. Otherwise I shopped at mainstream cheap mall chains, no need to make publicity, you all know what I’m talking about.

So not earning a great deal, I became the queen of bargains, hunting all the cheap deals and trying to create a unique style with totally impulsive buys. In Paris I fell in love with second-hand frip shops, and bought lots of improbable, bizarre clothes.
I guess my everyday clothes reflect my social status, occupation and interests, as well as my moods. I’m quite a tom girl, but I love really girly clothes, flower prints, strong colors ( but in no way fluorescent) combined with a grungy, messy look. I love princess short skirts with large messy sweaters, leather retro clothing. My favorite stuff: Fifth element sweatshirt from raaad.fr, Woody Allen brooch from breslo, Alice in Wonderland-ish headbands, Modcloth trench coat (oh my god it’s a beauty!) and festival tote bags with sentimental value.
And I adore being dressed up and groomed for shootings and films, but that’s neither original, nor unexpected. "

Actress: Noemi Gunea
Photographer: Carmen Avram
Image Director: Andrei Avram

Pay a VISIT for Noemi Gunea's Facebook page to be near her, step by step on her way to success!
Look for more editorial photos: http://modapestrada.blogspot.ro/2013/08/unlock-knots-to-stand-firm-and-steady.html


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