24 September 2013

Say Yes to Trends

Searching for the new trends of Fall-Winter 2013-2014 we've stopped at those that could last after few years too. So if you buy these clothes now, you will not worry if you will be able to wear them  next year.
And to find what we need, we looked for the creations of italian designers, (like Valentino and Gaultier) and for what wear well-known persons in Italy such as Laura Pausini and Belen Rodriguez .
Italy no1. Laura Pausini wearing Grunge trend

 Alexandre Vauthier's Grunge
 Italy no2.Laura Pausini wearing 100% Caiman Trend
 Atelier Versace 100% Caiman
 Italy no3. Belen Rodriguez wearing Ecru
 Christophe Josse's Ecru
 Italy no5. Laura Pausini wearing Oiseau de Nuit Trend
 Giorgio Armani's Prive Oiseau_de_nuit
Stephane Rolland's Oiseau de nuit
Italy no6. Laura Pausini wearing tailoring

 Jean Paul Gaultier's Tailoring

 Jean Paul Gaultier's Tailoring
Valentino's Tailoring
Photo Credit: facebook.com ; Vogue.it 
After you  see these clothes you'll say I love them all, that you cannot ignore them. We have observed also, that the designers thought not to stop to one trend but satisfy the taste of a different types of clients. That's a fuzzzy situation, right?
So, If you adore the designer's offer and still buying from many different places,it's hard not to be distracted.In this case, you can find useful a stylist that can put YOUR things in order, spotlight the best deals for you and give a structure and a meaning for everything you wear.
What you consider is the coolest outfit for this season?

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