02 November 2013

Misterious BLACK & Incendiary WHITE femmes

We've tried to keep the Geisha and the Samurai spirit alive, for those who want to dress in Japanesse style. The Geisha and Samurai were classes that developed in the Japanese society, both serving the royal family, but taking into account that inside there was always a silent fight for who will become No.1.

They were easily remarked by preserving the special and unique way of dressing, and this detail rose the magic arround the descriptions available.

The women from Geisha society were well-known for their delicate beauty, every move and gesture was calculated to seem more attracttive and pleasent for men from High Society. They encouragged the developping of arts and dance.

The Samurai men were posing in serious warriors, well known as masters of art combat. They developped the perfect coordination between mind and spirit. Their influence was also dictated by the way they worn their armours and were considered noble people with high authority.

So for a bit from the taste of Asia, tailoring and rich details, see the outfits below:

Zsuzsa is a mermaid-geisha, with the power to command the strength of water.
Bianca is the theatrical samurai, encountering the dangers with a fierceful and bad girl attitude.

Designer: Zita Pop
Photographer: Andrei Avram
Stylists: Andrei and Carmen Avram

Models: Bianca Timis, Zsuzsa Sámi (Trust Models Agency)
Make-up: Andrei Avram and Bianca Timis

Special thanks to:


Text credit: Claudia Sandulache

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  1. I really liked reading this post. Great pictures :) I see that you go to a lot of fashion events - lucky, I live in a very small town so there aren't many events to dress up for, but we take every opportunity when we can haha! Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope we can keep in touch!!

  2. When we go to an ocasion we pay more atention on details of the outfit. Including accesories, clothes, shoes, make-up and hair. I will give more inspiration for ladies and gentlmans. Thank you